Mar 11

vaunt smart glasses

Intel’s new Vaunt Smart Glasses.

A low-powered laser beams images into your eye. Vaunt is mainly aimed at giving you relatively simple heads-up notifications. Intel says that the glasses are more stealthy than a smartwatch, allowing you to check notifications while doing other activities. In one demo, it showed that you could see a person’s birthday and other pertinent personal info while you’re chatting with them on the phone. The motion sensors can also detect whether you’re in the kitchen, for instance, and give you recipes or a shopping list.

You might be worried about having a laser beamed into your eyeball, but “it is so low-power that it’s at the very bottom end of a class one laser,” Intel New Devices Group’s Mark Eastwood told the Verge. On top of that, the display isn’t even visible unless you look at it, making it unobtrusive for wearers. As it’s beamed onto the back of your retina, it’s always in focus, regardless of whether you have prescription or non-prescription lenses.

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