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Wolf is a retired Strategic and PMO (Project Management Office) Analyst, a Microsoft certified partner, trainer and consultant for over 25 years. He consults to organizations about all aspects of  networking, Active Directory, Exchange and SharePoint servers and supports both technical and end user issues.

He has worked with and installed SharePoint services since 2003 , starting with SharePoint v2.0, moving to SharePoint services v3.0 and then to SharePoint Server 2007 and is currently still consulting on SharePoint server 201x (Foundation and Enterprise ), and Microsoft Office 365  the cloud version.

Working as a Microsoft partner and trainer in South Africa and Canada he has owned and operated four consulting and training businesses.

He started his career in IT, as a telecommunications technician, in the South African government transport services, moving on to AM International as an electronics technician and finishing as a regional technical manager . He later moved back to the Government services He took on the position of running their research  and development laboratory as senior research technician were he found his passion, the joy of computer hardware, software design and development.

With the experience that he gained in the research field he accepted a position at Toyota SA Manufacturing as a Network and Micro specialist,  at a time of the personal computer (PC) revolution. He  left Toyota after 6 years as an Information center manager to start his own computer company which he ran successfully. In 1999 he immigrated to Victoria Canada and accepted a position as a Technical trainer in the Cedar IT Security diploma program of Royal Roads University.

In 2002 he started his own Training and support company providing technical support and training to the greater Victoria business community. A year later his company purchased Sector learning a long standing training company that had been supporting businesses in Victoria for over 20 years.
4 years later he took a sabbatical and went sailing for a year.

While away he again started a new computer training company in South Africa which he later sold to return to Canada.

He returned to Victoria 4 years later and contracted to Nexient learning, assisting them setup their remote learning infrastructure. Nexient in conjunction with Royal Roads University (RRU) is where he completed his Certificate in “Business Analysis and Project management“. When he was offered a position within the then Legal Services branch (LSB), a branch of the Ministry Justice within the BC government he served the public for 5 years were he trained many staff members in the art of using the “Microsoft Office Collaboration tools” using SharePoint. As a “Strategic and Project Management Office Analyst” he developed many collaborative systems that rely on SharePoint.

He has started this blog  to keep track of his SharePoint findings and issues that may be of use to others.

Thanks for joining me.

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