Why a Project

Why am I talking about a project on a blog about SharePoint 2010.

Let me begin by stating that it is my intention to produce a SharePoint solution that will cover all aspects of this Project Management Process.

To accomplish this successfully I would like to reference each step back to the PM process, so that when we have completed this project, not only will we have a system that can provide us with all the features of the process but we will also have an idea of where each part of the process fits in with our SharePoint site.

So let me list all the requirements again.

  1. reduce paper usage by 90%
  2. all document templates should reside in SharePoint
  3. the Project Initiation Document (PID) should be a form (ePID)
  4. the company goals should be listed
  5. PID should stay in draft until it has been completed
  6. approval should be automated
  7. on approval a project should be created
  8. emails sent to initiator
  9. email sent to Project Manager (PM) when assigned to project
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  11. Milestones should be linked to project and reminder emails sent at intervals decided
  12. tasks should be linked to Milestones and an email sent to the assigned
  13. reminder emails should be sent out at intervals decided
  14. Issues should be linked to project
  15. ePID should be linked to the project
  16. Home page should display a list of all projects with project manager and due date
  17. a tab for Project Terms of Reference (ToR)
  18. a Dashboard that displays a list of projects, Cost v  $ Budget, Budget hours v actual, PM,  Due Date, Overdue Milestones, overdue Tasks
  19. the Project screen should display all fields on a single tab and
  20. all linked Milestones, tasks, issues and documents should have their own tab
  21. when Milestone, task and issues are completed they should be backed up
  22. when project is completed it should be backed up and removed from current site.
  23. more requirements to follow

This list should comprise the complete list of requirements which we will transfer into our Work Breakdown Structure document (WBS).

At this point I am open to further input on requirements.