Project Management using SharePoint …

I suppose as a quick introduction to you, if you haven’t read my “about me” page, I should explain the following:

To get the ball rolling and drum up some interest, I will start to blog about my current involvement with SharePoint.

In my day job I work as a Strategic and Project Management Office Analyst and was tasked to create a SharePoint 2010 site that could be used to track all of our projects and Initiatives so that the Project review committee have a quick overview of the current projects.

It was the intention of the site to reduce the amount of  work involved in starting and maintaining the portfolio of projects.  The site was to be a paperless system and all forms and document were to stay electronic, from the Project Initiation Document (Initiation phase) all the way through the Design phase, the Development phase and the Close out.

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The system should send out reminders at 7 days prior to the Due date, on the due date and then again at 7 days past due with a yellow warning and then at 14 days send a reminder to the Project manager, and the Review committee with a red alert to indicate that the project was at risk.

My next post will be about the project management basics… and the actual site requirement to complete the project. I will take you through a step by step process explaning the building of the site, the challenges and issues and how i was able to resolve them.

I welcome comments, questions and feedback as well as suggestions you may think could be added in future posts. I look forward to hearing about your experiences as SharePoint users. Let’s share our knowledge – leave your message in the comment box below.