Windows Defender

New enhancements to Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection WDATP)

Since its release with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (WDATP) continues to prove its value in detecting high-profile security cases such as zero-day attacks, ransomware and other advanced attacks as published by their research team. With the Creators new Updates, they are enabling their customers to add customized detection rules and providing them with

the ability to perform ‘time travel’ detections running every new detection added across six months of historical data. This helps customers uncover past unnoticed attacks. These insights and more, available through WDATP, have contributed to the incredible growth in active WDATP customers and pilots – now protecting nearly 1.5 million devices in just over six months.

They are also pleased to share that through continued investments in their Windows Defender Antivirus offering, their test results continue to be among the top of all security industry leaders.

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