SharePoint 2010 Workflow emails

Basic email actionWhen using SharePoint Designer 2010 to create workflows that send out emails there may be a need to copy (cc) a group of people however for security reasons we do not want to display the list of people that we copied, now in most mail programs this is not an issue, however in SPD 2010 when you add an email action the blind copy (BCC) option does not appear on the basic form as seen on the Define E-mail image below , so how do we add a BCC to the email.

On the  SPD editor, click on the email action, but do not open the email (1) below, then in the ribbon click the Avanced Properties (2), this will open the properties form Bottom right. Email Advanced prop

email bcc



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Here you will notice the BCC field, use this as you would any of the regular fields and select either an individual or a group as the BCC receipient. Click on the Ok and you are done.


You can also use the Advanced properties for other statements in the designer window.