SharePoint Menu Audiences

Hi this one had me scratching my head for a while, I had setup a site a month or two ago and had no issue with what I have dome many times before.

What I was trying to accomplish was that in a sub site of a site collection I needed to exclude some of the Quick launch menu items from a specific group of people or in other words only allow the “Managers” group to view these items. I went into the Site Settings > Look and Feel > Navigation and created a new heading, Named it “Managers”, used the # as the URL (pointing to the current location) and selected a SharePoint Group (SiteName_Managers from the root site) in the Audience setting and clicked the OK, it was created correctly, then I added the Links that were needed by this group of managers, again all was great and the menu structure worked according to our expectations.

Two months later I needed to change the group that displayed the managers, so off I went Site Settings > Look and Feel > Navigation clicked on the Managers Heading clicked Edit, all looked good but when I added another group to the Audience and clicked OK I got the good ole Correlation error.

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Correlation Error

My Correlation Error

Now we all know that this can be found in the log file Right. Well what if you do not have access to these logs, scratch, scratch the head a while and go to google of course. The error number did not bring any results to back to the drawing board. More searching on the Audience settings and many results are found, this is a known issue, the user profile service, check that it is enabled at the Site Collection, and many more. Nothing had changed so they should all be ok. Then I found a post by Kim Ryan,  he had access to the logs and established That the message “Unexpected System.InvalidOperationException: Namespace prefix ‘xsd’ is not defined. at System.Xml.Serialization.XmlSerializationReader.ToXmlQualifiedName(String value, Boolean decodeName) at …….) simple press F12 to open the Developer Toolbar and switch from IE9, which was my current browser, to IE8, and the error disappeared!

See his post for a recommended fix, but my issue happened because I was the only one who was using IE 9 so it only affected me and as the Site Collection admin not so good.